SL-SC: IMTC + CountrySide Nite

Self Love-Self Care A Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Sleep Aid CD, with IMTC and Sounds: CountrySide Nite

This CD features the innovative Intra Muscular Tension Control process (IMTC). IMTC teaches a process which, as a natural aid, helps you to focus on and control the tension and relaxation that you feel. You can go from feeling "Frazzled to Fine" through using this process. Do you have stress related to general problems, work, holiday pressure, or relationship issues? Do you have trouble falling asleep or going back to sleep at night after you wake up? This process teaches you invaluable lifelong relaxation techniques to cope with those issues.

This CD can help you increase your ability to focus, relax and fall sleep naturally. The sounds of a “countryside nite” are added at the end of the relaxation process as another inducement to create conditions for a peaceful sleep.

Warning: Do not practice these techniques while driving or operating machinery. You could fall asleep while practicing the techniques of IMTC.

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